Manage your DeFi with AI.

Leverage Vektor's powerful DeFi engine with the intuitiveness of AI to effortlessly query, automate, and execute across Decentralized Finance.

Multi-chain DeFi queries using plain English

Find your answers faster by using natural language. Describe what you want to see, and Vektor takes care of the query syntax.

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Vektor supports multiple venue types (DEXs, lending) and blockchains (L1s and L2s).

Turn a sentence into a transaction

Describe what you'd like to do, and Vektor will build a non-custodial transaction that you can check first. All you have to do is sign and your instruction will go direct to the right protocol.

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Vektor supports multiple venue types (DEXs, lending) and blockchains (L1s and L2s).

Automatically create alerts with a prompt

Articulate a condition that draws from any DeFi data, choose how you want to receive the alert, and Vektor will notify you if and when the condition becomes true.

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Vektor supports multiple venue types (DEXs, lending) and blockchains (L1s and L2s).

Build entire workspaces with just words

Rapidly create thematic or strategy-focused workspaces with diverse component sets, without having to build them manually.

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Vektor supports multiple venue types (DEXs, lending) and blockchains (L1s and L2s).

Schedule reports on anything, no humans involved

Slice and dice Vektor's structured data and have snapshots delivered at regular periods. Attach multiple formats like CSV/JSON, and deliver via email, webhook, or more.

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Vektor supports multiple venue types (DEXs, lending) and blockchains (L1s and L2s).

Perform contextual calculations with simple statements

Dive deeper into the data by performing arithmetic or aggregation on your DeFi positions or any market data - just state what you want to know.

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Vektor supports multiple venue types (DEXs, lending) and blockchains (L1s and L2s).

Experience a new way to DeFi.

DeFi is the fastest growing financial system in human history. Master the opportunities with Vektor AI as your companion.

Built using Vektor's composability stack

Vektor AI leverages established proprietary tech under the hood.

Learn more about how Vektor works

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Vektor Execution Language (VXL)

A powerful, domain-specific DeFi language that unifies querying, automation and execution into composable expressions.

Diverse set of DeFi integrations

A long list of connected chains and protocols that provides broad reach to DEXs, lending, LP, bridges, and more across DeFi.

Powerful backend

Adds structure and context to data and provides asynchronous, cross-chain automation capabilities without using smart contracts.

Non-custodial app

Direct integrations with market-leading hardware wallets and support for institutional custodians.

Loved by developers

Corey Quinn
Mar 6

@retool is one of the best apps with the worst marketing I've seen in years. It is TRANSFORMATIVE.

Dec 17

I loved using @retool. In particular, the fact that I can connect Rest API end-points makes it super easy to integrate into almost anything.

May 28

I just want to say that I love love love @retool. It's like a way better VB6 (that is a huge compliment). anything.

Dustin McCaffree
Jun 20

I just built 2 internal admin dashboards in 45 minutes. For real. All thanks to @retool. 🤯 Every single indie hacker should be using this. Wow. Free plan is generous too.

Ollie Shaw
Nov 10

On this — it's 6pm Monday. Today we realised major efficiencies in customer support through a few small easy wins w/ form flows in @retool. . Literally within 15 mins of identifying a pain point we can roll out a robust app to completely resolve it. 🔮 *Literally* magic.

Felix Süllwold
Jun 9

Building a custom dashboard in-house for your customer support? Have you thought of UI/UX, access control, staging vs production environment? Yep, thought so. Better use @retool instead. Thank me later.

Dec 17

@retool really lives up to the promises they make. Our backend team keeps cranking out admin panels, while the frontend focuses on user-facing UIs. Saves us so much time ❤️

Luke Youngblood
Jun 23

I’m a huge fan. We adopted @retool for an internal project and it accelerated it significantly. I am so over devs who think that the only “proper” tool is hand-crafted, artisanal assembly code on bare metal...(only half joking)

Laszlo Kiss
Feb 21

Wow, @retool is a mind-blowing experience. Even though it was my first project with Retool, I built a fully functional site with GraphQL and REST API integrations and some Javascript data transformation in 2 hours.

Jainendra Mandavi
Feb 21

If you ever want to build an admin dashboard @retool is the way to go. #retool fan. Just amazing ❤️

Timi Ajiboye
Apr 12

If you want to quickly build internal tools, there’s simply nothing better and more comprehensive than @retool.

Luis Canales
Jun 28

I've been using @retool to build out internal dashboards about our code deployments and it's been amazing, really happy with it so far.

Vyshnavi Mudumby
Sep 27

Setup an admin dashboard for us using @retool in just half a day! Such a time-saver.

Oct 21

Okay, @retool is pretty incredible. In no time I've started creating a dashboard that: interacts with FabFit's GraphQL API, reads and writes to our dev DB and lists all of the customer's transactions directly from Stripe.

Cameron Jenkinson
Jul 16

I actually believe @retool is one of the best products I’ve used for a while. It enables our SaaS team to do so much when we have to begin scaling our processes. Goodbye to the legacy admin tools I never enjoyed maintaining.

AI-powered DeFi management is here.
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